The day you walk down the aisle could be the happiest moment in your life. Tears stream down your face as you walk towards the man you love- the man that you will spend your life forever with. However, just as this day is memorable, you surely won’t be able to forget all the planning and the preparation that you made for this significant day. 

Let’s be honest here, even before your wedding day, tears are already pouring because of how stressful the planning and the preparation can be. But, don’t worry! With the proper guide and organization skills, you’ll be able to plan a successful wedding day without breaking a sweat! 

A Checklist for Your Wedding Preparation

Before your wedding day, there is still so much to plan for and you will surely be overwhelmed by the massive amount of things that you need to think about. You might even be confused about what to prioritize first, and many questions might come up that you never thought about: what questions should you ask when looking at a wedding venue? How far ahead should you book your wedding venue? How much does a typical wedding venue cost? What should you wear? What food should be served at the event? What is the best kind of music venue for a wedding? 

Think about all those things and you would surely look older on your wedding day. Just kidding! You know, you can plan a wedding day without having to stress yourself too much. All you have to do is know how much time you should allow for the preparation, when should you start preparing, and what are the things that you need to prepare. Here is a checklist to help you with that! 


Twelve to Nine Months Before


  • Find and collect design inspirations

Why is this part of the first step? Well, before you move on with the other things for your wedding, you should be able to decide on a wedding theme or motif. Remember that your chosen theme is what you will follow for the attires, cake design, wedding venue, venue setup, music, and many more. 

  • Consider your budget

Money surely makes things work. A wedding can be really expensive, but for sure, you and your partner have already saved up for this very significant day. However, it is still best to come up with a budget rather than just get things and spend. If you do that, then there is a large possibility that you lose all of your money on unnecessary things and have nothing left for the necessary ones. 

  • Pick who will be at your wedding party

The next thing that you should do is to make a draft of your guest list. Make sure to prioritize accordingly since we can’t invite all the people that we know, unless of course if you are a multimillionaire. 

Consider your immediate family first, your closest relatives, your best of friends, and so on! Place the list on a spreadsheet and don’t forget to input their contact information, addresses, RSVP statuses, and any relevant information. 

  • Hire a wedding planner, if necessary

What are the perks of hiring a wedding planner? Well, getting a wedding planner means less work for you and more time to relax and focus on yourself. Aside from that, they also have ties with top-rated vendors and they can get huge discounts from them for being a regular customer! 

  • Lockdown your wedding date and book your venue

If you are gunning for the best wedding venues in Oklahoma, then you should pencil book at least a year before your chosen wedding date, especially if the date has sentimental value for both you and your partner. You might have a lot of competition in getting the best wedding venues and you will never know if there is someone out there who also chose the same wedding date as yours. 

  • Hire a photographer, videographer, florist, caterer, hair and makeup artist, and other must-have wedding vendors

If you skipped the part of hiring a wedding planner, then you must start your hunt for a reputable photographer, videographer, florist, caterer, band, and other must-have wedding vendors. Keep in mind that the best of them tends to be fully-booked up over a year in advance!


Six to Two Months Before


  • Plan your dinner and drinks menu

What is a celebration without food, right? As early as nine to six months before your wedding day, plan your dinner and drinks menu. Just make sure that all the courses, deserts, and drinks mix well together and follow your wedding theme. 

  • Start having your outfit made

You surely want to experience the “I said yes to the dress” moment. So, have your dress and your partner’s suit started already, especially if you want one that has a lot of tiny and complicated beadings and details. Prioritize your dress first before the outfit of your bridesmaids and other important attendees. 

  • Reserve hotel rooms for out-of-town guests

If you have guests coming a long way just to attend your wedding, then it would be best to get a hotel for them that is close to the wedding and reception venue. 

  • Register for gifts

Prepare your wedding giveaways by starting to find the best retailers. Make sure that the giveaways also follow your wedding theme! Besides that, it is also best to go for practical and functional giveaways. At least that way, your guests will be able to find a use for them.

  • Purchase and send invitations

Your guests might have a lot planned out for the year, so if you really want them to make it to your wedding day, you must prepare to send out the invitations as early as six months. It also gives them enough time to prepare for their outfit and gift! 

  • Meet up with the officiant

Map out your ceremony and make sure that you have all the documents needed to make sure that nothing will go wrong on your wedding day. 

  • Plan your honeymoon

Where do you and your partner want to spend your honeymoon and how do you want to spend it? Maybe you think two to six months is a lot to spend thinking about a honeymoon. But believe it or not, ideas will flock to your mind and it will be very hard to decide. After all, you might want to make your first night as husband and wife incredibly special!

  • Rehearsals

Of course, you should practice everything that will be done at your wedding ceremony and at your reception. Rehearsals are a must if you want everything to be done nicely and on point! 


On Your Wedding Week


  • Remind and reconfirm the arrival time of your vendors

Always remind your vendors and make sure that no one will be late. A wedding ceremony will be incomplete without one of them and believe me, you won’t want to experience that! 

  • Make sure that the venue is well-decorated

Since you have one of the best wedding venues in Oklahoma, make sure that it is decorated just the way that you imagined it to be!

  • Delegate tasks

If you have relatives or friends that are willing to help to make your wedding day a success, make sure to delegate the tasks to them so nothing will overlap!

  • Check your outfit 

Make sure that your wedding dress, veil, shoes, and other accessories are well prepared and well-fitted for you. You might not want to find out that you have a wardrobe malfunction at the last minute!

  • Pack up for your honeymoon

Ensure that you have everything that you need for that magical night with your husband! 

  • Book a spa day

Give yourself some “me time”. Pamper and congratulate yourself on the wedding day that you put together. Make sure to always relax so that you won’t look stressed on the most important day of your life! 


Make Your Wedding Day Magical! 


It is not easy becoming a bride-to-be, especially with all the things that need to be done before your wedding day. But, you can make your wedding day magical by following this checklist!