When it comes time to pick a venue for your country-style rustic wedding in Oklahoma City, you’ll have LOTS of options. From the typical ballroom or banquet hall to unique locations like a barn or on someone’s front porch, the place you host your wedding reception will say a lot about who you are and what kind of day you want.

So how do you choose from all these stunning venues? Find out below as we take a deep dive into country-style rustic weddings in Oklahoma and explore some of our favorite features these venues offer brides and couples like you!

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Choosing The Right Place For A Country Style Rustic Wedding Venue In Tulsa, Oklahoma City

With so many rustic wedding venues in Oklahoma to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. So let’s take a step back and start with determining what exactly “country” means for your style of wedding.

A lot of people think country weddings are limited to southern states like Georgia, Virginia, or Tennessee but there are rustic country weddings in Oklahoma!

Here are a few things you need to look out for when choosing wedding venues for your rustic and country style wedding in Tulsa with your wedding planner:


When you choose a rustic event center, it would be a good idea to choose somewhere that has a barn and acres of gorgeous land. If your venue doesn’t have the barn and/or acres of land, you may want to consider your options more carefully.

The country and rustic wedding events barn in Oklahoma should be able to accommodate all your guests without having to split people into two different ballrooms.

If your wedding venue is too small to keep all your guests in one place, you may end up having to rent out another event barn anyway to accommodate your wedding ceremony, reception, family reunion, and other events.


Many rustic wedding venues in Oklahoma will feature breathtaking red barn architecture and a history that dates back hundreds of years. If your wedding is “destination” style, the venue can double as a landmark or tourist attraction.

Venue Parking

When you’re looking for rustic wedding venues in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or other unique locations, be sure to consider how much free parking will be available to your guests.

If you’re looking at reception venues that only offer parking on a first-come, first-served basis they may not be the best fit for your outdoor wedding.


Another great thing about rustic weddings is that the food may already be included in your wedding packages!

When you’re looking for a rustic wedding venue in Oklahoma, you’ll have to decide if having a full-service wedding is important to you. If it is, make sure your venue serves alcohol and if possible, some sort of outdoor living area, include the cost of a rehearsal dinner, along with a list of great wedding vendors in the state.

On the other hand, these venues are often more affordable than barns because they don’t have all the features that ballrooms tend to offer.


Rustic wedding venues in Oklahoma tend to offer only what they need and that’s it. They may not have heating, air conditioning, or a luxury facility and if this is important, you may want to consider another option.

Rustic and country wedding venues in Oklahoma offer a lot of features that make the weddings they host uniquely. Most rustic Oklahoma wedding venues are located in the country which means they can’t offer tons of amenities (like a swimming pool!).

Venue Price

Country-style rustic weddings in Tulsa can be quite expensive, so be sure to factor in everything you’ll need (including rentals, set-up & take-down crew, food, and drinks) so there aren’t any surprises (and costs!) after the wedding.

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