Barn wedding centers

are the hidden gems of the wedding venue industry. Sometimes these treasures are found easily on Google, sometimes tucked where only those in the know can locate them. There are many stunning rustic, barn style wedding venues in the US, but very few in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Are you still debating over whether to have a barn wedding or not? If you’re still undecided, then this post will give you a rundown of the highlights of these historic buildings and what makes them ideal for both roaring parties and whispering vows.

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Natural Backdrop

Barns are reminiscent of cozy rustic charm set in the countryside. But consider that when a barn is updated with modern amenities, cascading flowers and foliage, furniture and fireplaces, it brings both glamour and opulence to the space. If you’re lucky enough to find a secluded event space in Oklahoma surrounded by naturally occuring pine trees, rolling hills and crop fields, you might be in for the event of a lifetime. That is, of course if you’re into the laid back country lifestyle.


Making a wedding venue your own for the day is a priority that cannot be overlooked. Most venue managers can work with your wedding stylists to make the stage setting a dream come true. On the other hand, your venue may have done this with statement chandeliers lining the symmetrical, photographic high pitched ceiling. In such a case, no extra décor is required.

Functional and Charming

Your favorite barn wedding venue has either been refurbished or built with weddings in mind. Thus, you have the barn conversion character with the comfort of a luxurious wedding venue. With the best facilities, sound systems, and quality lighting, you can have everyone square dancing all night.

Beautiful Grounds

Barn wedding centers in Oklahoma should make you visualize manicured gardens, rolling hills, scenic courtyards, and stables. Also, when you understand barns, you will realize that they are equally as beautiful inside as they are outside. They are designed with beautiful grounds and gardens, making them perfect for taking photos.

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Countryside Escape

Usually, barn wedding centers are set in beautiful countryside. When you host your wedding in an upscale barn, you have a chance to peel everyone away from their busy life. This gives you a romantic escape for you and your guests.

Back In The Pines is one such wedding venue that will meet all the needs of someone who is looking for a large, accomodating setting in the quiet hills of northeastern Oklahoma, while accessible and chock full of all the amenities.